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Meet the Team

Members of our team have been working in this industry for 15, 20 and 30 years! We’ve experienced it all, and want to help you.
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1st Time Homebuyers

We love working with Denver first time home buyers – and helping our borrowers navigate the mortgage process for the very first time.

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Jumbo Loan

Jumbo Loans

Do you need a loan that exceeds Conventional loan limits? If so, you’re in the market for a Jumbo loan.

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Other Loan Programs

In addition to the loans listed on our Loan Services page, The Newman Team offers an even wider variety of options.

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You dream of owning a home. We make those Denver mortgage home loan dreams, come true!

The Denver Mortgage Home Loan Process

Financing a Denver mortgage home loan is a big investment. Often time it may be the biggest investment some of our clients make during their lifetime.

Here at The Newman team we don’t take this investment or your trust in us lightly. As your partners in your home transaction we will be with you every step of the way… answering questions, helping you with your application, determining the best program to meet your goals…
…and most importantly getting you to the closing table. The process can seem overwhelming at first, but we promise that it doesn’t have to be.

Members of our team have been working in this industry for 15, 20 and 30 years! We’ve experienced it all, from low rates to high rates and low home inventory to an overflow of home inventory, we’ve been there and know what it takes to get loans done in any environment. Financing a home can be tricky in today’s market, but we know just how to handle it. We ask that you trust us with your home loan and trust that we’ll help you achieve your home dreams!

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Did you know that The Newman Team consistently ranks in the top 1% of loan originators in the country? Here are a few of the benefits you’ll receive by working with The Newman team on your home loan transaction:

  • We’re on-call because buying a house and securing a loan doesn’t always happen from 8-5.
  • We’re focused on providing the best experience for our clients.
  • We’re extremely knowledgeable about all the current programs and options available.
    We’re here for you from application to closing (and beyone), plus every other step along the way.
  • We’re real people. When you call us, you won’t get transferred to a call center or speak with a different person each time. We’ll know you (and your profile) and you’ll know us and who you’re working with.
    We work to build life-long client relationships.
  • We don’t want to be your mortgage advisor for one transaction; we aim to be your mortgage advisor for life.

Common Questions and Answers Regarding
Denver Mortgage Home Loans:

How long does it take to complete a Denver mortgage home loan?

We can typically get your loan done in 30 days. This is, of course, dependent on your financial situation, willingness to help us collect the needed documents as well as several other factors.

Can I change my locked-in rate if rates go down?

Once you’re locked in, you’re locked in. This protects from any market volatility in either direction. With a locked in rate, we guarantee that your rate will not change, within the given time frame, even if rates sky rocket!

Do you think that rates are going to drop lower?

We can’t predict the market… if we could we’d be off living on an island and unable to help you with your mortgage!

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What’s the difference between choosing an FHA loan and a Conventional loan?

Both FHA and Conventional loans have their pro’s and con’s. To keep this answer from getting too long, here’s the short and sweet of it.

With an FHA loan you’ll likely have a lower down payment and reduced mortgage insurance which can mean a lower monthly payment (depending on your overall profile). However, you will have to pay mortgage insurance for the life of the loan. FHA programs are also more flexible with credit scores and past credit issues.

With a Conventional loan, you do not have to pay mortgage insurance in many cases (and in cases where you you do, it’s not for the life of the loan), but you may have an increase in your monthly mortgage payment amount. You may also be required to put more money down than FHA.

Here’s what our customers and business partners have to say about working with The Newman Team For Denver Mortgage Home Loans:

“The team was always helpful and knowledgeable. The process was new to me and I needed a lot. Vickie was fabulous with my circumstances.” – MaryLou Parham, Past Client

“Our experience with Envoy was absolutely amazing. The best, friendliest, most efficient and helpful customer service we have experienced in a long time. They really care about their customers. They really went above and beyond for us. A++++++++” – Eben Turner, Past Client

“The Newman Team is AMAZING. They will continue to be on my preferred lender list. Vickie gets the job done in creative and efficient ways.” –Theresa Dillman, Realtor Partner

“From start to finish, from Vickie to each and every team member, complete professionalism, great communication, and compassion for our time and needs. This was our second loan process with Vickie and it has only gotten better, couldn't believe it could get better. Thank you Vickie and your entire for a wonderful loan process!" - Randy & Delna Carruthers, Past Clients

As always, The Newman Team is your Denver mortgage home loan team!